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The Site Is Finally Open - Friday 22nd August 2008

I am proud to announce the opening of the Superstar Wrestling Federation.

It's good to be on Freewebs again, who are great providers for a website of this calibre. I used to have a similar site like this that I hosted on Freewebs sometime ago, but am using it's address to host this new venture. Please get acquainted with the pages I have installed, and hopefully you'll like this new hobby of mine. Before you ask, results are five weeks worth in advance, just so I can keep one step ahead of updating the pages.

It's also beneficial to look at this site via Internet Explorer and not the more popular Mozilla Firefox. The reason for this is that Firefox distorts the page layout and takes away some of the colour scheme that the site orginially has. That should be everything you need to know so far.

Thank you!

Matthew Gloag - Site Admin

This Week : Monday Night RAW - Joe Louis Arena, Detroit, Michigan - Monday 25th August 2008 : Friday Night SmackDown! - Wachovia Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Friday 29th August 2008


SWF Site Uploaded to Freewebs

SWF OPENS - Saturday 23rd August 2008

Tonight, Chuck Norris will enter Monday Night RAW with a piece of jewellery, the SWF Championship. After surviving a grueling Triple Threat Match at WrestleMania 17, Norris will enter the ring in celebration, and in secret animosity as to whom his next opponent for the championship is. One thing is for sure, if you're Jack Bauer, you'd prefer it to be you. Jack Bauer walked into WrestleMania 17 the SWF Champion, but didn't quite leave as he had hoped. Will Bauer confront Norris on his rematch? Better yet, what about the wild card of the match, Lee Evans? He also believes he deserves a shot at his championship. If all three men are in the same ring again, tensions are sure to flow. What will happen tonight on RAW? You'll just have to find out by watching Setanta Sports, 2am GMT.

RAW Preview : SmackDown! Preview

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